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4 Free Online Games is a website that offers several free online games and puzzles for your enjoyment. Click any of the games listed below (or on the game menu to the left) and enjoy these classic games and puzzles, absolutely free! There are lot more than FOUR free online games, its a word play on FOR FREE online games, for those that missed the meaning. After all, what is the point of just having 4 free online games here! All the games here are "kid safe" and "G" rated, no violence or adult themes in any games. There is nothing to download or buy, these games play directly from your browser, yes you guessed it, online for free. Some classic arcade games and some really interesting and challenging puzzle games have been chosen, both kids and adults alike will enjoy the collection of online gaming available here. Playing games is great, but you should also read books.

Note that most games require Javascript support in your Internet browser (depending on the game). Most browsers have this support built-in, so you should have no trouble playing these free online games.

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